Catholic tradition affirms that responsible citizenship is a virtue, and participation in political life is a moral obligation. The leaders of the Catholic Church have the right and duty to share the Catholic Church’s teachings and to educate Catholics on moral dimensions of public life, so they may form their consciences in light of their faith.

Ways in which the LCCB fulfils this responsibility are through the writing and dissemination of communiqués that include pastorals, statements and other publications all described below.


The LCCB chronicle provides an overview of the history of the conference, its approach to public policy in fulfilling its responsibilities, and the evolving role of the Church in political discourse and participation. Visit here


Pastoral statements provide an opportunity for the bishops of the LCCB to catechize and evangelize the faithful on the Church’s teachings on contemporary or topical moral issues. Some of these have included abortion, capital punishment, racism and immigration. Visit here


The LCCB has issued publications that, among them, organize and catalogue the Catholic Church’s many charitable ministries provided by (arch) diocesan Catholic Charities agencies and other affiliated Catholic organizations. Visit here


Issues sometimes arise that warrant a statement in response. These timely statements will speak specifically to an issue and will be guided by Sacred Scripture and Church teachings. Visit here