The 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session has started. The Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops will provide weekly updates for your consideration.  This past week, LCCB met to set the principles and priorities and positions on bills following our Catholic Social Teaching.

 Some Priorities of LCCB for 2023 Session

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

  • Protecting the current abortion laws and further clarify them to protect life from conception to natural death.
  • Work with determination to abolish the death penalty and support gun safety.
  • Support adoptions and create support for maternal care centers were approved.
  • Option for the Poor and Vulnerable
  • Address the Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable through poverty reduction approaches to confront Louisiana being ranked 49th in Overall Economic Well Being was prioritized.
  • Support increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit for working families
  • Improvement in funding for children with disabilities

Call to Family

  • Supporting parental choice in education
  • Maintain religious freedoms

Solidarity in Restorative Justice

  • Maintaining the criminal justice reforms that support restorative justice for victims, offenders and the community is prioritized.

Care for God Creation

  • Improve air and water quality continues to be a priority.

Upcoming Week of April 17th

Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

  • HB 162 Rep. Willard House Ways and Means Tuesday April 18th. This bill will help low-income working families by increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit from 5% to 10%. The EITC is one of the best policies to reduce poverty.

Call to Family, Community and Participation

  • HB 443 Rep. Edmonds House Ways and Tuesday April 18th. This bill establishes a refundable tax credit for adoptions.
  • HB 386 Rep. Beaullieu House Ways and Means Tuesday April 18th. This bill will establish a tax credit for infant adoptions for donations to social service organizations that support pregnant and parenting moms.


These are just a few of the bills LCCB is monitoring. You can watch the Committee hearings by logging on to You can also let your legislators know to consider these bills and ask for support.



The Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops is having its Catholic Faithful Citizenship Day at the Capitol on May 3.  Attached is a link outlining our goal which is to continue educating and engaging Catholics on Catholic Social Teaching and legislation, LCCB positions, and to develop relationships with each other and legislators.  We invite you to attend.   It is going to be a great event!  Please click  HERE to learn more and sign up.  For questions, contact Susan Wolf at