Prayer for Peace in Gaza

“We join with Pope Francis in his call for peace and his condemnation of this widespread outbreak of violence. May the attacks and weaponry cease. Please! And let it be understood that terrorism and war do not lead to any resolutions, but only to the death and suffering of so many innocent people." “May all

LCCB Testifies at Violent Crimes Task Force of the Louisiana Legislature

The LCCB testified this past week, on Tuesday December 5th, at the Violent Crime Task Force. The panel asked for information related to restorative justice and how our re-entry programs help individuals as they transition. We provided the committee an overview of restorative justice in terms of the victim, the offender and the wider community.

Post Session LCCB Legislative Review June 14, 2023

                         Post Session LCCB Legislative Review June 14, 2023 Although the post session review is ongoing, the following is a summary of the session as of June 14th as aligned with our principles and priorities entering the session. I will provide the final overview

Catholic Social Teaching and 2022 Louisiana Legislative Session Review

Overview of 2022 Session The Louisiana Legislature began its 2022 session with an historic opportunity to make long-overdue investments in people and communities. A combination of surplus dollars, federal pandemic relief money and a surge in state tax collections left legislators with unprecedented amounts of revenue to distribute among Louisiana’s many needs. Lawmakers used the

LCCB Testimony On SB 118 Permit-Less Carry

House Committee Administration of Criminal Justice 2021 Legislative Session SB 118 Testimony Thank You Chairman James and Committee Members. My name is Tom Costanza Executive Director with the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops. Thank you Senator Morris for bringing this bill so that we could have an honest dialogue about such an important issue. The

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