Life and Dignity of the Human Person

New Orleans HB 346     Rep. Boyd                                                                                        Oppose

  • Adds rape and incest to the list of acts performed by a Physican that shall not be considered an abortion: (an act constituting a sex offense; requires no police or investigatory report; forensic evidence provided by the pregnant female; no prosecution of the alleged offense

New Orleans HB 598    Rep.  Newell                                                                                    Oppose

  • Adds removal of an ectopic pregnancy through surgery or treatment is not an abortion; removes the exception that treatment of an ectopic pregnancy with methotrexate in not considered an abortion: adds to the definition of medically futile.

New Orleans HB 228-   Rep. Green                                                                                      Support

  • Eliminates the death penalty as a possible punishment for the offenses of first-degree murder, first-degree rape, and treason.

Call to Family – Maternal Care

New Orleans    SB 41   Sen.  Mizell                                                                                        Support

  • Tax credit for individuals and businesses that donate to maternal care centers; Increase incentive to maternal childcare centers; tax credit in the amount of $5000.

Shreveport     SB 105      Sen. Jackson                                                                                    Support

  • Income Tax Deduction for Unborn Baby Act; Present law provides that a taxpayer may receive an additional state income tax deduction of $1,000 for a dependent child and the proposed law expands the deduction to include an unborn child that is born; miscarried or stillborn.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

HB 506 creates in statute the ability to focus on helping the three thousand individuals and families who are unhoused every day in Louisiana.                                                                                     Support

HB 648 protects minors from gender-transitioning procedures.                                      Support

Solidarity in Restorative Justice

NO HB 542   Rep. Hughes                                                                                                          (Oppose)

  • Repeal present law which allows funds from saving in the criminal justice reforms to be diverted away from reentry programs to the community technical college systems.

No HB 242 Hilferty                                                                                                                    (Support)

  • Prohibits any form of Corporeal Punishment and makes law applicable to non-public schools.

BR HB 328 Selders  (Support)

  • Prohibit the death penalty from being imposed upon any person with a severe mental illness.

BR HB 211 Jordan    (Support)

  • Removes exception for use of involuntary servitude and slavery.

BR HB 588 Gaines    (Support)

  • Addresses those that were convicted under now illegal non-unanimous jury verdict.

Dignity of Work

NO HB 162 Willard

  • Increases the amount of earned income tax credit from 5% of the taxpayers’ federal tax credit to 10% through Dec. 31, 2030

Alex HB 374 Larvadain (Support)

  • Establishes state minimum wage at $10 per hour in 2024; $12 per hour in 2026 and $14 per hour in 2028; Catholic Social Teaching includes a living.

New Orleans SB 93 Sen. Bouie    (Support)

  • Proposed provides for equal pay in public government contracts which requires any contractor who enters into a contract with a public entity to comply with current law which prohibits pay discrimination.

Care for God’s Creation

Baton Rouge SB 35    Sen. Fields (Support)

  • Requires air monitoring equipment to detect exceedance of air quality standards or the existence of a public health threat; Right to Know.