The LCCB testified in Senate Judiciary C on May 24th, 2022 to urge the Committee to consider the impacts of removing reasonable training safeguards that will help to protect human life in our communities and promote the common good.

The principle of subsidiarity in catholic social teaching was used as the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police opposed this bill. This principle states that those entities closest to the issue know best the solutions. These law enforcements officers are closest to the interaction with the public and they feel this is not in the interest of public safety. The LCCB opposes HB 37 as it does not promote a culture of life.

In addition the LCCB sent out an Action Alert through the LCCB Voter Voice website. At this point 147 advocates have sent messages to oppose to their respective Representatives and Senators.

We pray that the Senate will vote to promote the culture of life and reject HB 37.