Last week was another highly active week in trying to implement our Catholic social teaching. We are at the mid-session point with only four weeks left.

LCCB fostered the Life and Dignity of the Human Person and opposed all five abortion bills that would have weakened our abortion laws, including two bills which would have allowed for exceptions for rape and incest, which failed.

We were successful in moving Parental Choice in Education, HB 98, upholding the Call to Family. The Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable guided us by testifying for HB 506 to work toward solutions for the over three thousand individuals who find themselves houseless in the State of Louisiana from the recent point in time survey. In addition, we supported HB 648 which would protect vulnerable minors from gender-transition procedures.

In Solidarity for Restorative Justice, we were supportive of voter rights for persons formerly incarcerated and those with disabilities. However, we opposed HB 542 which could affect our successful restorative re-entry programs across the state. We were extremely disappointed, once again, not able to move legislation that would improve the detection and inform communities of deadly toxins in the air and promote Care for God’s Creation through SB 35, which failed.


Preview for next Week of May 15, 2023

We are looking forward to supporting The Call to Family in support of adoption improvement legislation with HB 386 and HB 433. However, we will oppose and continue to testify against permit-less carry legislation HB 131. It is not in the interest of the common good nor public safety, especially its impact on our children dying, and the USCCB and LCCB have consistently opposed this type of legislation that affects the Life and Dignity of the Human Person.